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In the world of Mythology, the quests and gods await, for the uprising of the few brave souls who’d muster the courage to fight for their destiny, and save the world from impending doom. In this epic battle between good and evil, heroes arise from unexpected places. Are you up for the challenge to be one of the world's last hope?

Demi-God Academy.

Demi-God Academy is a place where the god's children learn and try to survive the Mythical world. Are you one of us?
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 Cherry's little pawns in her game of life. Welcome to the dark side.

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PostSubject: Cherry's little pawns in her game of life. Welcome to the dark side.    Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:05 pm

I'm myself. I don't need your judgement.

Ashleigh Renesmee Alioto

July 4th, 1995


Bi-curious I guess.

God Parent:

Mortal Family:
Jeannie Alioto (mother)

Years in Studies:
Kindergarden- Grade 7

Brief History:
Ashleigh was born to Jeannie Alioto, a former model at the age of 34. At the time Ashleigh was born, her mother was already famous in the art collection\dealing world. Famous for her persuation skills. Being this, Ashleigh was always in the lap of luxury. Personal chauffers, personal stylits, personal chefs, personal... everything. Her mother never married because Jeannie was never able to get over the handsome god Apollo. Ashleigh always had trouble staying in her place at school and in reading. Only when it came to music and arts did her overactive brain calm down. Noticing this, Jeannie put Ashleigh into Violin lessons. Every two days, she would have practice. Ashleigh didn't mind though. She lived for music. At school, she was the plain jane, never really standing out. Of course she had her few friends at school, but that was it. Sometimes she would be made fun of for not having a dad. That never really bothered her either. It was normal for her. She was happy to have a mom. One parent was enough for her impulsive self.

Physical Appearance:
Ashleigh has long brown hair and caramel coloured eyes. She is 104 lbs and she stands at around 5'5. She is usually seen wearing shoulder\tank top with jeans and converse or maybe flats if she's feeling fancy. She is towards the slim side due to the strict eating habits directed by her mother. She does power yoga once every three days to keep her legs toned too.

At times, Ashleigh will seem a bit stuck up, but in general she's a nice person. She needs a little insult to keep her away from getting too full of herself. You can trust her with secrets, but don't trust her in general. Or else things may get scary. Or you may wake up with acne all over your face from the 'special night cream' she lent you. That also teaches you to stay clear when she's mad.

Ashleigh tends to... get revenge. But her version of 'revenge' isn't your typical Hermes prank, her version is physical damage, emotional damage, and both to the people around you. She's sort of a perfectionist. She also hates it when others don't do things her way and will get all bratty about it.

Fatal Flaw:

She needs to get her priorites straight. She is also concentrated on things that she likes rather on bothering about things she's supposed to do. For example, she'll be practicing some song from persay... an anime when she needs to be practicing a new song for a violin recital. Tomorrow. How is that 'deadly'? Because sometimes, when others need her help with escaping an underground prison, she could be worrying about her nail getting chipped.

According to her, pets are a drag and are useless. Why would you even bother asking?

Able to heal cuts and bruises by playing any string instrument. This drains her alot, and she is only about to heal about 3-4 cuts per hour depending on how bad the bruises\cuts are. She is able to speak to 2 other people through singing or playing a string instument. For 2 continuous hours per day. She is also knowlegable of anything that relates to medical or musical terms.

She uses a bow and arrow for practice, but at other times, she uses a crossbow disguised as a Tiffany & Co. chain\charm bracelet. It is 'activated' when she taps the chain twice in a row. It is also only to be activated by her, and her only.

Wanna use the playby? Too bad. I may have a few good ones though... Just PM me.

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Cherry's little pawns in her game of life. Welcome to the dark side.
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