Demi-God Academy.
In the world of Mythology, the quests and gods await, for the uprising of the few brave souls who’d muster the courage to fight for their destiny, and save the world from impending doom. In this epic battle between good and evil, heroes arise from unexpected places. Are you up for the challenge to be one of the world's last hope?

Demi-God Academy.

Demi-God Academy is a place where the god's children learn and try to survive the Mythical world. Are you one of us?
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 My Formal Resignation

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My Formal Resignation Empty
PostSubject: My Formal Resignation   My Formal Resignation I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2011 10:49 pm

It has been a long time coming, but I am officially resigning from my post as admin. I havent been able to get on this site as much as I need to, I loved working with all of you, but now I say good bye to this site. I know I will still see most of you on CHB.

Farwell NDGA.

Falcon Dayes: Aphrodite, 16 (Red)
Strachan Hunter: Apollo, 15 (Yellow)
Noah Lang: Asclepius, 14 (Brown)
Jovan Smith: Dionysus, 16 (Green)
Elijah Burns: Hephaestus, 18 (Orange)
Justice Night: Nyx, 14 (Black)
Tobias Jones: Demeter, 13 (Cyan)
Roman Thompson: Ares, 17 (Blue)
Pierce Holt: Athena, 12 (White)
Mitchel Farmer: Aristaeus, 20 (Olive)
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My Formal Resignation
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