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Demi-God Academy.

Demi-God Academy is a place where the god's children learn and try to survive the Mythical world. Are you one of us?
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 Moon's charries

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PostSubject: Moon's charries   Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:01 pm

Name: "My name is Sam Keller."
Age/Birthday:"I'm 16, my birthday is September 5th"
Gender: "I'm a girl!"
Sexuality: "I'm straight, gosh!"
God Parent:"My father is Hermes."
Mortal Family:"None I know of."
Years in Studies: "6"
Brief History: "I grew up in New York. I lived alone, living off of what I stole. It was hard. Eventually I found a nice woman who took me in as a daughter. She took me in when I was about 5. I was alone and starved, barely alive. I'm so thankful for her.She helped me so much, I respect her. She took care of me until I was 10. She took me to well... here."
Physical Appearance: "I have long blonde hair. It's always falling in my face, but I leave it alone. My eyes are green with a blue ring around the tips. Kinda pretty huh? I'm not tall, but not short. I'm normal-ish. i have no scars on me. Aren't I lucky? No? Maybe not... I mean I'm not good looking."
Personality"I'm not a talkative person. I hate talking. When I do, I'll joke around. I never talk much seriously. At all. I'm stubborn too, only because my way is right! Usually. Anyway I usually stay in the shadow and and shy... so yeah."
Fatal Flaws: "I'm stubborn, know MY way is right, and well I don't take anything seriously."
Pet(s): "None."
Power(s):"I'm quick, fast, and sneaky. I'm a deadly rouge, face it."
Weapon(s):"I have about a zillion knives, daggers. Stuff like that. Depends what's in my pocket other than you wallet."

Name: "Taylor Young"
Age/Birthday:"I'm 14, March 19th"
Gender: "I'm a girl duh!"
Sexuality: "I'm straight, duh"
God Parent:"Aphrodite, goddess of love."
Mortal Family:"My father, who is... dead."
Years in Studies: "Just arrived here"
Brief History: "I grew up in Hollywood with a rich family. Rich isn't always good. my father never spent any time with me at all. He got me a private tutor, whom hated me. My father died when I was 10 because he was... well murdered. His fortune was left to me. I had no idea what to do, so I gave myself anything I wanted. Until I came here."
Physical Appearance: "I have blue hair, yeah blue. I dyed it blue when my dad died. His favorite color was blue. I didn't know much about him, except that. I have blue eyes to match my hair. They look like my dad's eyes. I'm short for my age only five two!"
Personality"I'm a hyper girl. I love to talk, flirt and be annoying. It;s what I was raised with. No stopping me now! It's my way or no way. I;m a little rich girl and I know it!"
Flaw: "I'm kinda a brat. I'm annoying and stubborn..."
Pet(s): "None."
Power(s):"I'm wonderfully pretty, and flirty! I'm a wonderful makeup artist as well."
Weapon(s):"I have nothing yet, nothing!!!"

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PostSubject: Re: Moon's charries   Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:16 pm

Sam and Taylor are Accepted!

Ariadne "Ari" Hale || 14 || Daughter of Apollo || #CC0000
Brooke Krest || 15 || Daughter of Osiris || #663300
Carlen Lawre || 17 || Daughter or Dionysus || #663399
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PostSubject: Re: Moon's charries   Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:46 pm


Name:"My name is Miki Emmella."
Age/Birthday:"I'm 17 I think... maybe 17 and a half."
Gender:"I'm a girl."
Sexuality:"Well I'm not gay, or bi, or lesbian, so I'm straight."
God Parent:"Nike, goddess of victory."
Mortal Family: "Uh... my father... I don't even know him. Or Anything for that matter."
Years in Studies: "Five or so."
Brief History:"I don't know much about my past at all. All I know is I woke up in this school when I was 12. I think my father grew up in Japan, so I must be Japanese. I wish I knew him, at least if he's alive or not. Anyway, I don't have many friends here. I'm usually practicing with my sword because I have to win, it's the way I am. Can I stop talking now?"
Physical Appearance:"More questions?! Ugh if you have to know, I suppose I'll talk. I have really long jet black hair. I usually wear it in a smooth ponytail. I have pale skin and a few scars. I have one on my leg and another on my stomach. My eyes are really dark blue with a dark ring by my pupils. I'm about 6 feet tall... I think. I don't really care so let's go with that."
Personality:"Well I'm not shy, I just hate wasting time talking. I guess if I would make the decision to talk then I would be nice. I don't like talking to people who are full of themselves, that's my job not theirs. I don't think that I am mean, just ill-tempered. So can I leave now?"
Fatal Flaws: "Flaws? Flaws? Children of Nike have no flaws!!" *She is self-centered, stubborn, and doesn't take anything but training seriously.*
Pet(s):"I have a lizard named Kiko. He's about 10 years old. I got him a while back."
Power(s):"I have freaking awesome fighting skills. Nothing more is needed."
Weapon(s): "I have a three foot long sword that is called 'Victory'. It can turn into a charm on my necklace when I'm not using it. I also have a shield that is named "Protector.' It turns into another charm."
Other:"That's it! See ya!"
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PostSubject: Re: Moon's charries   Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:13 pm

New Character
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PostSubject: Re: Moon's charries   Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:39 pm


Daniel Wayne, Son of Thor(15):Hero by Nickelback
Aaron Stone, Son of Atlas(15):Kryptonite by Three Doors Down
Damian Kuso, Son of Loki(15) Ian, Damian's good personality
James Ivan Richards,Grandson of Athena and Hecate(15):Animal I Have Become by Three Day Grace/Erigrath, Demon (shares a soul with James): Firestarter
Christopher "Chris" Maplebrook, Son of Demeter(12)
Lucas Johnson, Son of Poseidon(14)
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PostSubject: Re: Moon's charries   

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Moon's charries
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