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 Flawless Characters. (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: Flawless Characters. (MUST READ)   Wed May 04, 2011 4:31 pm

HI GUYS!!! We're borrowing again from Camp Half-Blood!! The topic is Flawless Characters (Their topic is called Mary and gary Stu) and we're being told by The Lovely Music! 'Cheers' Now lets get down to business.

You may be wondering; What is a Mary/Gary-Stu? Why is this important? etc. etc. Well, a Mary/Gary-Stu is a character with no flaws! One or two flaws aren't even enough! This is a problem that most of us have when making a character. Why? When you make your character, you are focused on the positive energy they have, or how they act towards people. The average personality spot looks like this:

Yuri wrote:
Personality: Well, Bob is nice, friendly, bubbly, outgoing, smart, and caring.

Though it's hard to admit, we all have at least one character like that. Anyways, some may see this thinking this person's character is very detailed and deserves to be approved. Well, think again. As some may notice, there are now flaws in this character. No, it's not overly dramatic like some, but there's nothing wrong with this person's character!

To add flaws, think about simple things. Some simple examples of flaws are; Clumsiness, sensitivity, not being smart, afraid of the dark, claustrophobic, and perfectionist. Note, in this case (being a Demigod), ADHD and Dyslexia are very helpful, so try not the make those flaws.

Now, the quote above wasn't as bad as the following one:

Yuri wrote:
Personality: Everyone loves Bob. He's beast and epic. He's a ninja. Bob can fly and is awesome. Everyone loves. He's strong, too.


Do I need to explain?

Also, when trying to avoid a Mary/Gary-Stu, people might make the complete opposite! This is also not good. Look at the quote below:

Yuri wrote:
Personality: Bob is always sad. Friendless. He's stupid, boring, and mean.

In both cases, these characters are very dull and boring. Try jazzing them up a bit! If you do end up making a character like this, it won't be approved, so this is why we've made this topic

OK FINISHED!! See, now we can have fun!! HAVE FUN!!!

-Alexander The Great!!!
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Flawless Characters. (MUST READ)
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