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 Rules on the Battlefield.

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PostSubject: Rules on the Battlefield.   Wed May 04, 2011 3:28 pm

I've gone through most of the rules. Once we finish this topic we have one more. I have also borrowed this, below, from Camp Half-Blood. From the amazing DAN!! 'Cheering' Now lets get down to business...

General Rules:

These are just general rules of the Battlefield which should already be familiar to everyone. (:

1) Don't power-play. There's going to be a TON of action happening every which way in the RP, but one thing you have to watch out for is power-playing. You all should be familiar with the term, and if not, I will briefly explain here. To put it simply, power-playing is when you take control of another person's character and perform somewhat significant events. Examples can be found in the 'How To Roleplay' section.

2) Keep your posts literate and detailed. In all of this commotion, it's hard to tell what's happening where and what's happening to who. You have to be capable of putting in as much detail as possible to make sure everyone knows what's happening to your character. Otherwise some people might think there's this random mortal person wandering through the camp in the middle of the battle. I trust that you all already know how to be literate, so I'll leave it at that.

3) Keep your colors organized. You are in fact allowed to have all of your characters out on the Battlefield at once, on one condition. You keep your characters organized by color. You should all have a specific color for each of your characters. What I suggest you do is make a clear mark as to where one character's view on the Battle ends, and another begins (provided you're doing two or more characters within one post.) You can make the mark in many ways. One is simply use the different colors as you go along to show that it isn't just one person who can see everything in the entire Battlefield. Anything really can be the mark, just be sure that it's clear!

Specific Rules

These are specific rules the apply only to Battlefield RPs.

1) You have a preference: have at least one character die or at least two characters wounded. You can go beyond this, but these are the mandatory limits. In addition to that, (this is only if your character was killed) it's preferred if you create a new character to make up for the loss. After all, we don't want the camp to be deserted.

2) Know your limits. You should know your characters' limits. After all, you created them. So... I if you're character is a child of Demeter, you wouldn't expect to see them flying through the sky blasting a huge Bazooka gun at monsters, would you? No, because that's not realistic and goes WAYY beyond that character's limit.

3) Try not to be too graphic. Sure, bloodlust is perfectly fine, so long as you don't go overboard with it. This kind of ties into the "Know Your Limits" rule, with the exception that this really applies to yourself, not your character(s). So far what I've seen is perfectly fine, and there's nothing wrong with it, but this is just as a precaution. It should be pretty self explanatory.

The Most Important Rule of All:


Also, just a side-note to all of this, you do not have to participate in the Battles if you don't want to. I'm leaving that up to you guys; we're not forcing you to do this.

See that wasn't too bad was it? Was it? Sorry... Laughing
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Rules on the Battlefield.
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