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 Running to Represent. (Open)

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Who should Represent The Titans and become The New Cabin Leader in The Quest?
Alexander the Great.
 43% [ 3 ]
 43% [ 3 ]
 14% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 7


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PostSubject: Running to Represent. (Open)   Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:54 pm

I walk onto the stage, they all clap. I get onto the podium. They are still clapping. I clear my throat and they quiet down.
"Hello everyone. My name is Ezeran Olive, Son of Surtur. Surtur is the Titan of Fire and Demons. May I ask you, who else is better to represent The Titans on the quest other than me. I know there is a Son of Atlas, but mhy father causes Ragnorak. the death of the gods. I'm more powerful than most dei gods. let alone, probab,ly the most powerful demi-titan. If you pick me to represent the Titans and become the new cabin leader, I swear to make everything better. Thank you," I say and wave. The whole crowd cheers. I walk off the stage.


Alexander.(14) Son of Zeus, God of the Sky. Dating Ariadne, Red's Charrie.
Erik Matthews.(15) The Sorcerer Son of Hades. Dating Harley, Roo's Charrie
Falcon Christianson.(17) Son of Hybris, God of Violence. Complicated.
Jason Accrusio, Son of Typhon.(17) Son of Typhon, The Storm Titan. Single.
Samuel Adraltz.(38) Son of Chaos Itself. Married with kids.

Hades.(Immortal) God of the Underworld.
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James Blood
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PostSubject: Re: Running to Represent. (Open)   Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:24 pm

I wait a few moments to collect my thoughts. Okay Aaron you can do this, they say your the son of Atlas, and if they haven't gotten those results mixed up with some one else's you can do this... Bah,forget it, let's just get this over with and I can argue over the results of the testing later.

I continued to walk onto the stage. Keep calm Aaron keep calm. You're a demigod, not just any demigod, a demititan, I thought to myself as I walk to the podium..

"Yes, hello.. I am Aaron Stone, son of Atlas. The Titan who holds up the sky," I said,trying to sound more confident that I actually was. "As with everyone else here I am a demititan, and as with person before me, I am potentially one of the most powerful of us all. What better than the son of one of the greatest immortal strategists that the world has ever known to lead us all?"

I stayed silent for a few moments.

"I know this is a huge responsibility, similar to the burden that my father carries. I do promise that I will do everything in my power to improve the lives of demititans," I said. "Thank you for listening"

I walk away from the podium and off the stage, wondering what I've gotten myself into.
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PostSubject: Re: Running to Represent. (Open)   Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:36 pm

B e l l a t r i x | T o r c h e r

I walked up to the podium, and looked out calmy to the crowd. "If you didn't already know, I am Bellatrix Torcher, also currently the Titan Cabin Leader. Personally, I think everything has been running smoothly under my control. But if you think otherwise, this is your chance to speak up. I'm the only female running for this position, and I already know it's a big responsibility. Coming from one of the roughest places in the U.S, I know how to run things and take charge when I have to. I know how to take a fight and stick up for others. If it's for my siblings, I'd do anything. I know how it feels to be a leader, nothing would be that new. Unless there are new changes to camp and to my cabin, I would be fast to adjust. I'm not a girly girl, I won't scream at the words of "Kronos is now attacking." Some things need a real leader. I'm already doing my job, and I'd want nothing more to continue being the Cabin Leader of the Titans." I finished, walking off the podium and down to my seat.
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PostSubject: Re: Running to Represent. (Open)   

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Running to Represent. (Open)
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